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This year has seen a huge increase in online shopping and with the holiday season here, if you need additional delivery support, we’re ready to help.

We provide customized, final mile courier, logistics and distribution solutions based on the needs of our customers with:

  • Scheduled/routed delivery
  • On-demand and same-day delivery
  • Home delivery
  • Fulfillment services
  • Warehousing
  • More

With 26 locations across the southeast and central U.S., quality service and tracking technology, we’ll provide a customized solution for your holiday delivery needs.

Find out more today by emailing Sherrie Bourgoyne, VP Sales, at Sherrie.Bourgoyne@lsofinalmile.com or call 901-601-6443.

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What matters most when you need to deliver?

What matters most when you need to deliver?

Think about how you deliver superior service to your customers. Now think about what matters most when choosing logistics partners and same-day delivery solutions....secure transport, the agility to meet changing needs, improving schedules and costs, drivers who are certified and industry compliant, business continuity. You need pick-up and same-day delivery, on time, every time – across town or across the country.

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Client Feedback

“LSO Final Mile has filled our void of expedited parts delivery after-hours and on the weekends. They provide us prompt and affordable service, saving time and money. The deciding advantage over other courier services was their ability to customize their invoicing to fit our needs, allowing us to track parts and usage.”

-David H. Schklar, Ryder Transportation Services

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