LSO Final Mile has built its service reputation by maintaining a personal touch. Our customers say we “go the extra mile.” We say we are committed to delivering for you!

While our company prides itself on an expansive regional network throughout the Southeast, innovative technology solutions and proven processes and support systems, we are most proud of our people who work one-on-one with our customers to develop individualized, effective implementations. Our leadership team has more than 185 years of combined experience in this industry and is always available to work with our customers to improve their logistics strategies and courier services. Our field managers also have superb logistics expertise. And because our managers and drivers build relationships with you, we are able to respond to the specific needs of you and your customers, meeting special requests and providing real-time solutions.

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Some of the areas where our team will work one-on-one with you include:

  • Customer service excellence: leveraging your routes and deliveries to improve customer satisfaction and providing immediate response to customer service inquiries for more effective communications and accountability
  • Special job requirements: relying on our corporate resources and knowledge of legal compliance requirements or government regulations to meet specific needs
  • Cost containment: customizing routes to optimize operational costs and supply chain management
  • Business continuity: assuring continuous service in times of natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances
  • Continuous improvement: responding to changes in your business or market influences with optimized implementations and strategies for all your deliveries

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