In healthcare, there’s more at stake than just getting deliveries when and where they are needed on time. Medicine, specimens and equipment represent patients. They provide life-saving information.

That’s why LSO Final Mile delivers with time-critical, temperature-sensitive and HIPAA/OSHA-compliant service.

Hospitals, labs, pharmaceutical companies, clinics and other healthcare providers rely on us for same-day logistics services with special handling. We have experience in providing reliable transportation service to the healthcare industry – moving blood products, specimens, surgical supply and pharmaceuticals, as well as mail, records and marketing materials to clinics, doctor offices, healthcare facilities and entire hospital networks. We have built dependable systems and processes to handle the critical nature of the healthcare industry. We deliver the specialized handling necessary to meet the unique demands of healthcare.

Expertise in ‘Handle with Care’

We are committed to maintaining specimen integrity and patient confidentiality through:

  • Packages and carrying cases for temperature-sensitive specimens
  • Blood and fluid spill kits
  • Secure compartments for confidential patient information
  • Secured vehicles at all times
  • Drivers who wear uniforms and photo identification badges for your protection
  • Tracking and tracing to maintain chain of custody from pickup through delivery

Drivers Who Meet Your Requirements

We understand that our drivers are an extension of your business. They are trained and certified in medical delivery processes and procedures, including:

  • HIPAA/OSHA compliance
  • Safety, biohazard processes
  • Biomedical sample handling
  • DOT regulations
  • More