If you're looking for a logistics partner to help improve your operating efficiency and supply chain, look no further than our Launch 180™ Implementation Plan.

This eight-phase process assures reliable, quality service and added value for your supply chain. With thousands of successful implementations, we have the operational know-how and managerial experience to provide solutions for all of your delivery needs. This approach offers:

  • A customized plan tailored to your specific needs,
  • Communications with you and your team each step of the way, and
  • Confirmation of successful implementation.

Launch 180™ Implementation Plan

  1. Supply Chain Requirements Confirmed:pick-up, delivery and handling instructions verified
  2. Collaborative Plan Design:a customized implementation plan is created which identifies key action steps, timelines and responsibilities
  3. Resource Investment:our personnel, facilities and technology are deployed for your program
  4. Integration:our processes, policies and systems are aligned with your needs
  5. Training the Team:our fleet, staff and management team are trained to meet the requirements of your customized plan
  6. Test Run:phases 1-5 are verified; systems, processes and people readiness are validated
  7. Go-Live:the customized plan becomes reality
  8. Post-Launch Monitoring:all functions and critical performance indicators are monitored and reviewed daily. Throughout this proven, 180-step process, our management team will work with you to learn your business and develop logistics solutions to help you deliver the highest quality customer service and satisfaction. Our regional managers, local teams and drivers will build relationships with you and your customers to ensure our services are meeting your needs and expectations. With this plan in place, you can rest assured that your shipment will be handled properly and delivered on time, resulting in:
    • On-time pickups and deliveries,
    • Efficient logistics strategies,
    • Operational cost savings, and
    • Your peace of mind!

Here are some of the areas where Launch 180™ has made a difference:

  • Bank Deposit Pickup and Delivery
  • Hospital/Medical Delivery
  • Lab and Specimen Pickup/Delivery
  • Legal /Document Messenger Service
  • Mail Service and Interoffice Courier
  • Payroll Delivery
  • Parts /Manufactured Goods Distribution
  • Pharmacy Distribution